Lifter Bit

The “Lifter” Bit has a lot of feel to it because of the ratios.  It gives the horse a lot of pull-pressure which helps the horse to keep his shoulders up and his head down.  Its function and sleek design make it very popular with Cutters, Reiners and Pleasure Horses.  Click here to see mouthpieces.… Continue reading Lifter Bit

Silver Bit 5050

The 5050 Silver Bit is a nice bit for Cutting Horses, Reigning Horses and Pleasure Horses. It has a Mullen mouth piece with a rolled back A-frame which makes it very comfortable in the horse’s mouth.  It features beautiful hand-engraving in sterling silver on the outside of the shank.  Click here to see mouthpieces. Related… Continue reading Silver Bit 5050

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