Frank Principe Cowboy and SilversmithDiscuss your design ideas with Frank!

Tel: 1-604-858-7988
Fax: 1-604-858-7988 (call first)
email: frank@principesilver.com


Our products are designed with your ideas and specifications. Because each product is unique, there are no general pricing guidelines. Prices vary depending on the materials used (i.e. silver, jeweler’s bronze, gold, gems), the design and the number ordered. Please call Frank to discuss your requirements.  (Tel: 1-604-858-7988)

We use only the best materials to create a design that fits your needs. Our hand engraving is done on Sterling Silver. Our bits are built with Sterling Silver over high-tensile steel. All mouthpieces have either copper inlay or rollers. Our spurs are available with any shank length and rowel. All of our products are beautifully hand-crafted with our commitment to excellence, functionality and aesthetic appeal

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