Cow Horse Bit 5054

The 5054 Silver Bit is part of our Collector’s Series.  It is a beautiful cow horse bit set on a Santa Barbara shank with a lot of weight and feel.  Exquisitely designed with scrolls and buttons in sterling silver and fully engraved on the inside with gun engraving.  It comes with chains or slobber bar… Continue reading Cow Horse Bit 5054

Silver Bit 5050

The 5050 Silver Bit is a nice bit for Cutting Horses, Reigning Horses and Pleasure Horses. It has a Mullen mouth piece with a rolled back A-frame which makes it very comfortable in the horse’s mouth.  It features beautiful hand-engraving in sterling silver on the outside of the shank.  Click here to see mouthpieces. Related… Continue reading Silver Bit 5050

Silver Bit 5052

The 5052 Silver Bit is part of our Collector’s Series.  Even so, it was built to be used and is highly functional with cow horses and all around horses.  It has quite a bit of weight with a lot of balance and feel.  It is set on a Santa Barbara shank which features beautiful hand-engraving… Continue reading Silver Bit 5052

Silver Bits

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