AB Spurs

These are a unique pair of spurs made from farrier rasps for a barrel-racer/roper.They have a soft rowel but they function well with several different rowels.They also have a little shorter shank that ropers and barrel-racers like. it is a simple design available in any width. Related posts: No related posts.

Amanda Spurs

These spurs were made for Amanda who rides cutting horses and pleasure horses. They function well for both. This unique design features sterling silver buttons. Related posts: No related posts.

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2070 Bit –

The 2070 is designed for Cutters, Reiners and Pleasure Horses. At 7.5 inches, it is a little shorter shank and works well with most mouth pieces. Related posts: No related posts.

Modified 2090 Silver Bit with Initials

Frank always works with his customers to personalize their bits.  As a result, now the Modified 2090 Silver Bit is available with initials. The Modified 2090 echoes the style of the Vaquero Tradition – every bit is a work of art. Its form and function is specifically designed for the Arabian Pleasure Horse. Details such as palette pressure can… Continue reading Modified 2090 Silver Bit with Initials

Western Horse Review

Leaf through the December 2013 Western Horse Review to see Principe Silver Bits featured! Every horseman craves the best in bits so wrap up a stunning Frank Principe creation for him.  Custom made, you choose your mouthpiece and cheek and Frank will design to meet your needs. Related posts: Jim Anderson Recommends “Go-To Snaffle”

MCC English Spurs

Frank has been asked for a long time to build English Spurs.  He has finally begun to make some!  Be first in line to special order! Click to Order Related posts: Pringle English Spurs H Spurs – Collector’s Series JC Western Spurs Kenzie Silver Spurs

Women’s Western Buckle – Horse, Gems, Flowers

Beautiful custom Western Buckle for women. It features a silver engraved horse head and inset gems. This three piece set includes engraved keeper and tip.  Use this as a starting point to discuss your ideas with Frank. It would make a perfect gift! Click to Order Related posts: Silver Buckle – Women’s Flowers, Gems &… Continue reading Women’s Western Buckle – Horse, Gems, Flowers